Learn about our process from procurement to packaging. Our process involves well-equipped machinery and expert manpower working side by side to ensure quality is maintained with every grain.


We are very concentrated on procurement and consider it the first,most critical step in ensuring quality. We ensure there are no compromises, no shortcuts. Farmers are made understood and communication is very transport to make sure every life cycle of the product is closely monitored. Paddy is once again closely checkedand tested through our expert professionals.

Ageing & Storage

Ageing and Storage is the most essential part of the production of rice. It certainly enhances the taste by reducing moisture and increasing the cooking results. We strive to give our customers consistent taste and value. We have the ageing time from 1 year to 3 years to cater to all kinds of customers. The paddy which is purchased is kept in storage for minimum for 1 year. A huge warehousing space is required with the most hygienic storage conditions, ongoing fumigation and safe custody of cargo.


We take immense pride in having a very large capacity to mill. Our scale of operations make sure the product is consistent in quality and delivers value. Our milling plant is located in Nelamangla, Bangalore. The plant consists of high end and fully equipped machinery required for the best of best output


First we ensure the quality of the product and then make sure the product is packed using the right standards to keep the product fresh and without having any damage. Our packing goes through a team of experts before it is finally been loaded for delivery.