About us

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About Our Company

Durga Agro Foods is a specialized, high standard and high quality packing unit in Yeshvanthpur, Bangalore. Our unit complies with BRC standards and all the regulations necessary for a highly productive unit. Our unit is equipped with all machines sourced from the best manufacturers all around the world.

Our company promises quality and we strive to deliver it throughout. Our clients speak about us in
high regard and are always happy with promising delivery of quality within a time frame.
Following set customized organization system and industrial output methods,
we are able to satisfy our customers better than any of our competitors.

About Our Brand

UTHRA - Taste from the motherland

UTHRA is a comprehensive brand of fine groceries from the Motherland. At UTHRA the focus is on quality. We care about the nutritional value of each grain that reaches the customer. We handpick the grains right from the source that undergo fine processing before being packed. UTHRA as a brand carries a lot of promise in terms of quality which leads to the heart of our customers.

Our Facility

Durga Agro Foods as a facility which is BRC approved and is equipped with top machinery sourced from all over the world. Delivering quality is the only motto we live by.

Our work atmosphere is regulated by strict safety precautions that is taken by each and every one in the facility. We take care of the product right from the time has been received and dispatched.

Our production process of every product involves thorough cleaning, checking, packaging and quality control. Our quality control team takes the product through many tests to assure only the best leaves our facility.

Our Vision

To have a sustainable growth and to be a renowned supplier of quality products in the Global Market.

Our Mission

At Durga Agro Foods, we strive to achieve a consolidated, sustained
and independent growth in the International market that ensures
long-term Business success.

Our values

Commitment: Determined to deliver the best.

Achievement: Always aiming higher and to become a contributor to the world.

Team Work: We as individuals unite to make the best possible force that helps push our company forward.

We believe People make an organisation.